Collector Marty de Montereau’s collectors at NoFound in Paris

Collector Marty de Montereau’s collectors  at NoFound in Paris

The young, affordable, contemporary counterpart of the très arrivé Paris Photo is NoFound. It was held this year for the second time and was also at the festival in Arles this past summer. NoFound’s mission: ‘Contemporary art galleries are teeming with artists who work through the medium of photography: mixed media artists, sculptors, performance artists. Our aim is to shed light on the links between photography and contemporary art.’ One of the exhibitors in the enormous garage on the rue Turenne was the flamboyant collector Marty de Montereau.

‘I come from an old wealthy family that collected all sorts of things that belonged to a certain lifestyle. I am still a collector at heart – all this magazines and books, they drive me crazy! But I also collect and support an art form which is really of our time: photography.’

De Montereau commissioned photographer Simon Lambert to make portraits of a number of collectors, including himself, in their homes with their favorite art objects. The portraits and the art works are shown side by side. At NoFound De Montereau showed a few of his newest acquisitions, an intense series of sixteen anonymous photographs of women in bondage. ‘The Danish photographer Annette Merrild found them on the street in Antwerp,’ says De Montereau, ‘and made new images out of them by adding layers of glue to define the women’s bodies.’  The rounded glue forms make them real, three-dimensional, in a way they weren’t in the smudgy black and white photo’s.

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