The city of tomorrow may be built on water

The city of tomorrow may be built on water

The New York Times quoted me when they recently published an article about architect Koen Olthuis this November. The reference derives from my article for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad from 2009 which is also recently translated.

The work of Dutch architect Koen Olthuis is still relevant because it is progressive and genuine at the same time. Olthuis envisions entire cities being built on water in the (near) future. ‘Save the world, build on water’ is Olthuis’ philosophy in a nutshell.

Olthuis has built 50 floating homes since he founded in 2003, together with business partner Rolf Peters. Their oeuvre ranges from an ‘amphibian’ villa in the countryside to two houses on a newly constructed island near Amsterdam.

Floating is not dogma. We only use it where it makes sense economically or practically

Read more about Olthuis’ work and projects in this article by the New York Times.