TRACY•TV #21 – Ramblas Barcelona, Circl Pavillion, Zhao Renhui

TRACY•TV #21 – Ramblas Barcelona, Circl Pavillion, Zhao Renhui

Barcelona proves resilient after the terrorist attack on the Ramblas 2 weeks ago. There’s still much grief, but luckily life went also on. Still, impressive to see.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Barcelona, check out this website:

I am not only eating delicious calamari here, but also working, on an interview with zoologist artist Zhao Renhui and my weekly radio column, this time on the Afsluitdijk. Also, I visited the brand new Circl Pavillion of the bank ABN Amro at the Zuidas Financial district in Amsterdam. Although …brand new…? Everything is made from used, recycled and upcycled materials, even jeans from the employees!

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