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Future 400: Wolves and Kings

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This fourth episode of the Future 400 podcast is all about theater and dance. Battery Dance, New York City’s longest running public dance festival, is hosting the Dutch-Turkish choreographer Rutkay Özpinar as part of the Future 400 exchange. And the new play by Dutch theater director Ira Kip, ‘Kings… Come Home’, is a reflection on the impact of being uprooted.

Both Kip and Özpinar are searching for a global conversation that brings disparate cultures and histories together on the stage. “The reason why we dance is not just the music,” says Rutkay. “In every culture you can find dance, from a prayer to a celebration.”

This is the fourth and final episode of the 400 podcast series from the Dutch Consulate in New York, created and presented by John Adams Institute director Tracy Metz. It marks the 400th anniversary of the founding of New Amsterdam, the city that became New York. Each episode highlights a selection of the creative collaborations between artists, communities and institutions in both the Netherlands and the United States. For the full Future 400 cultural exchange program see