Sweet&Salt hints at  the dualities within

Sweet&Salt hints at the dualities within

“Since Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy wrought their respective devastations, the effect of water on American cities has gained sudden urgency in an era of inexorable climate change”, writes Matthew Kiefer in his eloquent review of Sweet&Salt for the magazine of the Boston Society of Architects. “Thus the appeal of Sweet&Salt.” It hints at dualities within, he says: fresh water and salt, land and sea, ecology and economy, nature and culture, even art and life. Read the article…

Fast Company:  Against the Tide

Fast Company: Against the Tide

As the rest of the world is coming to terms with catastrophic floods and droughts, the Dutch are telling – and selling – what they have learned through centuries of experience. In his story, reporter Jeff Chu quotes me as a person “who best represents how Dutch thinking about water management has evolved over the past two decades”.

Foto’s Misha de Ridder

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