Water is Life

Date(s) - 06-jun 2016
Hele dag

Maurick College

Water is life. One of the most fundamental challenges facing the world today is how we manage and develop this precious resource in the face of growing demand, to promote economic growth in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way. The second edition of the Water is Life conference will be organised in a partnership Maurick College (The Netherlands) and Raffles Institute (Singapore). Singapore has no natural water resources in the form of large river systems or aquifers; the Netherlands faces challenge keeping seawater out and freshwater in. Yet, these countries have successfully overcome these challenges through science and innovation. The Netherlands has become a leader in water technologies, successfully converting the change in salinity as fresh water meets the sea to a source of electricity. Land-scarce Singapore has forged ahead, creatively expanding its water reservoirs and using membrane technology to purify water.

In a world characterized by climate change and increased global inter-connectedness, the local and global challenges surrounding water security are increasingly complex. We need to prepare for the future by developing, in our youth, the knowledge and leadership necessary to manage and overcome these challenges. This conference aims to bring bright young students from different countries together in a meeting of hearts and minds. It seeks to plant the seeds of friendship and dialogue, instill awareness on the issue of water management and develop scientific, diplomatic and leadership skills in young participants.

At this event I’ll take part in the dialogue session.

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