Water Talks podcast: Too Close for Comfort

Date(s) - 08-jun 2023
Hele dag

For the first time in almost 50 years, the UN organized a conference on water in March 2023, hosted by the Netherlands and Tajikistan, hundreds of side events in the New York Water Week. I made a 5-part podcast about it, ‘Water Talks’, which was made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

On June 8th, the first episode of Water Talks goes live: ‘Too Close for Comfort’. I speak with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, New York City Chief Climate Officer Rit Aggarwala and students at the Pratt Institute in New York who are creating a resilient future with design’s newest tool: Artificial Intelligence.

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The coming episodes are: ‘Too Much’ (June 15th), ‘Too Little’ (June 22nd), ‘Too Dirty’ (June 29th) and ‘Too Unequal’ (July 6th).