Water Talks podcast: Too Much

Date(s) - 15-jun 2023
Hele dag

In the second episode of my podcast Water Talks, ‘Too Much’, I look at how we deal with too much water. It was the water that made Manhattan a desirable place already for the Dutch in the 17th century. Writer and historian Russell Shorto brings that story to life during a walk through what was once New Amsterdam. It was that same water that almost drowned the city when Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. In a twist of history, Sandy brought the Dutch back. Special envoy for international water affairs Henk Ovink was instrumental in bringing about the UN Conference on water, hosted by the Netherlands and Tajikistan. And architect and urban designer Matthijs Bouw is designing new infrastructure to repair and prepare New York for the next storm. Flood protection the Dutch way, with not just concrete walls but with green public spaces and parks and promenades, all built with American go-get-it-ness.

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The coming episodes of Water Talks are: ‘Too Little’ (June 22), ‘Too Dirty’ (June 29) and ‘Too Unequal’ (July 6). They will be followed by 5 long-form interviews with some of the people I spoke with for the thematic episodes, who had so many interesting things to say that they deserve more airtime.