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FUN! Leisure and landscape

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Free time is becoming an ever more important factor in the shaping of our society, in the changing landscape, and in the physical and spatial arrangement of the Netherlands. Fun is ubiquitous and has a far-reaching effect on the development of the inner cities, the periphery and the countryside. My book Fun! Leisure and landscape examines, describes and analyses this phenomenon in text and photographs.

Two young photographers, Janine Schrijver and Otto Snoek, were invited to contribute. They are both established freelancers whose work is published regularly in the NRC Handelsblad newspaper’s monthly colour magazine, M, and in the newspaper Trouw respectively. For this volume they made black-and-white illustrations to accompany the text, as well as independent photographic essays that are printed in separate colour sections within the book. The photographic assignment offered an opportunity to create a unique reportage about an important social and spatial phenomenon in Dutch society.

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