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Harvard GSD Loeb Fellowship: inclusion in the built environment

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The Harvard GSD Loeb Fellowship is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year with a series of online events about the work Loeb Fellows do in the built and natural environment. As a Loeb of ’07 I was honored to be invited to moderate a converation with Kimberly Driggins (LF ’16) and Shaney Pena Gómez (LF ’18) about inclusion.

It was a great conversation, not just about our role as women in this field but also about the people our profession serves: who gets included and who does not. the Loeb50 series was curated by Tau Tavengwa.

The Loeb Fellowship was founded in 1970 thanks to an endowment from alumnus John Loeb. Every year 9 mid-career professionals from all over the world are awarded a year at Harvard’s GSD to gain knowledge and inspiration to improve the built and natural environment.