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Scorched Earth: art from ashes

Art made from ashes from the scorched earth of fields in Iraq: the long arm of IS could be felt Friday as far as the auction house Christie’s in London. On the block were works by fourteen renowned artists for Scorched Earth, a project initiated by the British charity Migrate Art, in which they used pigment made from those ashes. The proceeds of the auction, 262.700 pounds (289.000 euro), will go to three nonprofits that help refugees.

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TRACY·TV #55: Arts center Kanal Brussels opens in Citroen garage

The Belgian capital of Brussels has upped its cultural offerings with Kanal Brussel, a new contemporary arts center in collaboration with Centre Pompidou in Paris. Kanal is housed in an enormous former Citroen garage, I spoke with director Yves Goldstein about how kanal showcases Belgian art and asked him: what’s in it for the Pompidou? He also showed the winning entry by architects NOA/EM2N/SERGISON BATES, the result of an international competiton, for the renovation of the 38,000-square-meter ‘glass cathedral’ Art Deco building.

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TRACY·TV #48: Studio Drift, the making of the exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, a.k.a. the Dutch design duo Studio Drift, are famous worldwide for their poetic works that mix technology with nature. They have their first solo exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam, from the 25th of April until 26th of August 2018, including well-known works such as Fragile Future, the Drifter, Shylight and Amplitude. Dutch journalist Tracy Metz got the chance to take a look at the making of the exhibition and interviewed Lonneke Gordijn.

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