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Tag: innovation

Sharon Zukin and the Urban Innovation Complex

Together with Wouter Jan Verheul of the Master City Developer program and Pakhuis De Zwijger, the John Adams organized a hybrid event with urban sociologist Sharon Zukin from New York, with myself as moderator. She talked about her findings for her book ‘The Urban Innovation Complex’, about how tech gravitates to cities with space and talent and how cities vie to draw in tech. Universities are in on the game too, collecting and spending huge amounts on new tech hubs such as the ‘Brooklyn Innovation Coastline’ and Cornell Tech Campus – a new strategy known as academic...

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TRACY·TV #53: Joris Laarman and his 3D printed bridge of steel

Dutch designer Joris Laarman has gained international fame with his designs in which he uses innovative technology to create objects of great beauty: functional esthetics. His newest project is a 3D printed bridge of steel, a technique he invented himself, for one of Amsterdam’s medieval canals. I went to talk to him and see the bridge under construction in his workplace at the former NDSM-shipyard in the north of the city.

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