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Tag: #urban planning

Great Urban Thinkers: Maurice Cox, stadsplanner van Detroit

America’s ‘Automotive City’, Detroit, has suffered its share of setbacks: the demise of car manufacturing, white flight, black flight, the economic crisis and a huge mountain of debt. Thousands of houses still stand derelict, inhabited by drugdealers or with trees growing through the roof. The city went bankrupt in 2013 – a blessing in disguise, as its 18 billion dollars of debt were erased. The city is on its way back up: downtown is undergoing a marked renaissance and Ford Motor Company, believe it or not, is actually returning to Detroit. Ford will be setting up a...

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Atlas of Change: Re-Arranging the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, as in many other countries, urban and spatial planning often seem driven by good intentions, policy initiatives, and blueprints, and not by actual changes in the public’s way of life. When these kinds of ‘planning’ actually do come alive, when people find that something in their daily living environment has changed, they are not sure why. Seeking to shed some light on how spatial planning and daily life intersect, I worked with photographer Theo Baart and urban planner Tjerk Ruimschotel to create ‘ Atlas of Change’,  a portrait of the perpetually...

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