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TRACY•TV #40 – Filmmaker Kim Kyung-Mook on giving a voice to homosexuals in Korea

Kim Kyung-Mook is a South Korean filmmaker. His films – short, long and documentary – investigate the insecure lives of marginalized groups of people such as homosexuals, transsexuals, sex workers, North Korean deserters and others. On 27 January, Kyung-Mook spoke at De Balie as part of the IFFR program about the importance of giving a voice to those who are not heard and about what it means to generate social impact through film and image. I interviewed him about his works ‘Me and Doll Playing’ and ‘Grace Period’, his relationship with his parents about his...

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TRACY•TV #39 – Eddo Hartmann shows us the secretive North-Korea

North-Korea is one of the most secretive places in the world. Photographer Eddo Hartmann gives us an insight in the architecture and living world of the people of Pyongyang, which both are under strict rules and regulations. Dutch journalist Tracy Metz visited together with him his exhibition ‘Setting the Stage’ in Huis Marseille and interviewed him about his work.

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TRACY•TV #37 – Bruno Doedens shows a different Dutch landscape

This week I show you three design and architecture projects. I took a look behind the scenes at the winter studio of Sarah van Sonsbeeck. She designs ‘mental architecture’ and asked students of the Academy of Architecture to design silence for the city of Amsterdam. The Window Show displays art in the shop windows of the Haarlermmerstraat. And I was at the yearly presentation of landscape artist Bruno Doedens where he showed a preview of his new work.

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TRACY•TV #38 – Michael Wolf – Life in Asian megacities

Life in cities is the theme of the work of the German philosopher Michael Wolf. He photographs how people live in anonymous massive cities such as Tokyo and Hong Kong. He now has an exhibition in the Fotomuseum of The Hague. Dutch journalist Tracy Metz visited together with Wolf the exhibition and interviewed him on the works ‘Architecture of Density’, ‘Bastard Chairs’ and ‘The Real Toy Story’.

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TRACY•TV #36 – Carthography expo shows how distant we are from our environment

This week, I spoke to futurologist Jeroen van Mastigt about how technology help us to find true love. And is having virtual sex for example considered as adultery? I went to fashion designer Anne de Grijff to have my first piece of custom clothing made, exciting! In the weekend, I went to the gallery Zone 2 Source in the Glazen Huis in the Amstelpark and spoke to director Alice Smits and artist Antii Tenetz about the latest exhibition about carthograpy. It show how in our current representations of earth we distance ourselves very much from the actual earth.

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