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Water Talks podcast: Too Little

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Water Talks is my new podcast about water: too much, too little, too dirty and … too unequal. During the UN Water conference, the first one in nearly 50 years, I spoke to a wide range of people in New York and the Netherlands – artists, activists, academics, engineers, policy makers – about how we can and should move forward in order to save ourselves and our planet from the water crisis. This third episode is called: Too Little.

Too little water is a problem that directly affects our survival as a species. That’s why the Dutch artist René van Engelenburg built the Water Arch, a carnival ride that shows, in the most fun way possible, just how much water we waste. But too little contact with water, taking it for granted and turning it into a commodity, is how we got into this predicament in the first place. Just ask Native-American tribal leader Austin Nuñez from Arizona, or Palestinian water engineer Reeta Samamqa. For them too little water is their everyday reality. And with her ‘durational performances’ during an entire tidal cycle, American environmental performance artist Sarah Cameron Sunde reconnects us with water… literally!