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New York Times: ‘Sweet&Salt’ is required reading

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After Hurricane Sandy, the New York Times wrote an article ‘Going with the flow’ related to my book ‘Sweet&Salt”. It discusses how the Dutch approach to water management can serve as an example for the United States.

The author of the article, Michael Kimmelman, writes: “I enlisted Tracy Metz to help me find useful lessons for New York in the Dutch example. An architecture critic based in Amsterdam, she is the co-author, with Maartje van den Heuvel, an art historian, of “Sweet & Salt: Water and the Dutch,” which should be required reading these days. Ms. Metz called in some Dutch officials and architects, and she took me to see the Maeslantkering, the giant sea gate guarding Rotterdam, the last of the Deltaworks, as big and spectacular as a pair of Eiffel towers, on their sides, which slide closed.”

Read the entire article here