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Future 400: Wolves and Kings

This fourth episode of the Future 400 podcast is all about theater and dance from and in the Netherlands and the US. Battery Dance, New York City’s longest running public dance festival, is hosting the Dutch-Turkish choreographer Rutkay Özpinar as part of the Future 400 exchange. And the new play by Dutch theater director Ira Kip, ‘Kings… Come Home’, is a reflection on the impact of being uprooted.

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Future 400: Finding Family in Fashion

Design your look, design your life. Rambler Studios is a creative platform for raw talent. It offers young people a safe space where they can discover what they’re good at and find a sense of belonging – and maybe a career in street fashion. That is what this third episode of my Future 400 podcast is about.

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Women Mind the Water: ‘Water Talks’ in Artivist series

From her location in the northeastern rural state of Maine, Pam Ferris-Olsen – storyteller, artist and advocate – travels the world digitally to talk with women about their connection with water for her project Women Mind the Water. I am delighted to figure with my podcast Water Talks in this impressive line-up, including performance artist Sarah Cameron Sunde who also is a speaker in episode 3: Too Little.

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